[ Mononoke doujin scan ] autumn's wind

hello everyone

long time not see ...i hope anyone will fine and have a happy time ^^ 

Today i have some doujin from my collection to share for you ..i chose the one that i think  it is the great story and line art that i have,  you didn't understand in japan 's language  ... but picture in doujin can tell you everything  

and the story is

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Running 2/?

 Here is the second part! I got this one up a little early so if someone catches mistakes just PM and I'll fix it! I wont be able to update this for sometime because I'm going to Australia. So please be satisfied with this until I get back :)

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[Fanfiction] Running

Title: Running (1/?)
Author: Violet_Scarf
Summary: In which Kayo finds herself pulled into The Medicine Sellers world once again.
Pairing: Medicine Seller x Kayo

 Joined the community and finally got to post something that had been on my computer for awhile. *sigh* Tell me what you think!
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Markings of Gold

Mononoke BluRay Release!

Mononoke was recently released on BluRay and to my great surprise, my roommate decided he needed it! When it came in, he was kind enough to let me take pictures of it! I apologize that some are a bit blurry and that they are photos, not scans. My scanner is unfortunately out of commission!

The series is on three BluRay discs and comes in a box and includes a booklet. As you can see by one of the covers, the Ayakashi Bakeneko arc is included with all the regular Mononoke arcs.
(If this picture is too big, please let me know and I'll put it under the cut as well!)

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deviantART Modern Day contest

Hey darlings,

So the deviantART Mononoke group is having a contest! I posted my entry for it here not too long ago [and I fail and never got back to it, but thank you so much to everyone's lovely and kind words]. As it turns out, the group's run into a bit of a problem because not enough people have entered. I wanted to drop in and encourage everyone to check it out!

The theme is the Medicine Seller in the modern day, which I know I go into fangasming fits over. The entries must be visual art, I think--accepted formats include cosplay, traditional/CG art, and probably anything else you can come up with. Each entry has to have a brief narrative accompaniment about what the Medicine Seller's new adventures are. There are first, second, and third place prizes.

Right now there isn't a newly set deadline, but all other information about the contest is HERE. Please please please check it out. I know this fandom is small, but it's full of such creative and awesome people. ♥

modern day contest piece

Hellooo quiet little community. I come bearing art, as I usually do when I'm in this neck of the woods.

The Mononoke club on deviantART is having a contest, themed for the Medicine Seller in the modern day. Each entry must have a short narrative accompaniment. So picture + drabble after the jump!


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