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deviantART Modern Day contest

Hey darlings,

So the deviantART Mononoke group is having a contest! I posted my entry for it here not too long ago [and I fail and never got back to it, but thank you so much to everyone's lovely and kind words]. As it turns out, the group's run into a bit of a problem because not enough people have entered. I wanted to drop in and encourage everyone to check it out!

The theme is the Medicine Seller in the modern day, which I know I go into fangasming fits over. The entries must be visual art, I think--accepted formats include cosplay, traditional/CG art, and probably anything else you can come up with. Each entry has to have a brief narrative accompaniment about what the Medicine Seller's new adventures are. There are first, second, and third place prizes.

Right now there isn't a newly set deadline, but all other information about the contest is HERE. Please please please check it out. I know this fandom is small, but it's full of such creative and awesome people. ♥
Tags: contests, cosplay, fanart, fanworks

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