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Running 2/?

 Here is the second part! I got this one up a little early so if someone catches mistakes just PM and I'll fix it! I wont be able to update this for sometime because I'm going to Australia. So please be satisfied with this until I get back :)

        It was really unfair. Totally, completely, and a hundred percent, unfair. Kayo drew in another ragged breath feeling it rip open her air passage and burn down into her chest. She stumbled; her gait hindered by the rocks and roots that seemed to spring up out of nowhere. The mononoke still gave chase (she could hear it snapping down trees and shaking the ground in its anger) She stole at look at the male beside her as she inhaled for air. The Medicine Seller didn’t even look fazed; his breathing was perfect (which wasn’t the only perfect thing about him, but now wasn’t the time for her to start reviewing her list). He didn’t run- he glided across the ground. Kayo bet the rocks and tree roots moved out of the way for him seeing as he hadn't had a misplaced step since they started running. Everything about him flowed with ease (even his side bangs and odd trinkets in his hair stayed in place as if they were glued). Kayo stumbled once again and felt something on her head loosen, shift, and a second later a lock of her hair fell, sticking to her sweaty forehead (Kayo swore something fierce in her head). Really. Unfair.

     The Medicine Seller suddenly jumped with inhuman grace (that left Kayo open mouthed in awe) over a ledge and landed in a crouch before running again. The momentum from the jump had put him a good three feet ahead of Kayo and she gulped down air as she tried to regain her position by his side (some cynical voice in her head pointed out the symbolism, but Kayo ignored it like the others). How could he run that fast? The painted eye on his medicine box mockingly stared at her, tracking her progress and watching her fail. (The bastard, he didn’t even have the consideration to look even a bit flustered).

     “Kayo-San” A cool voice broke through her angry thoughts and Kayo jerked her head up and towards him. His voice (and ye gods- the things it could do to a girl) made everything stop. Sound, light, the mononoke currently trying to kill them, everything was suspended when he opened his mouth-

     “You’re falling behind again.” Kayo ground her teeth and chose not to say anything in favor of saving her breath to try and catch up (Which does not mean that she didn’t plan on giving him a lesson in manners if they ever got out of this alive). He could at least have given her the decency to actually look behind him before commenting on her failing speed. Everything was just really, mind-blowingly, heart stopping, unfair.
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