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Running (3/?)

 Hi guys! Sorry for such a late post, to make up for it I put in more effort and typed it up a bit longer!
 Thanks to everyone who has reviewed my story so far, it means a lot! <3
           She didn’t see him move; he just suddenly appeared beside her. His hands reaching, grabbing, lifting her up from the current path. He swept her off her feet and into his arms, cradled close to his chest as a distant crash was heard. Kayo allowed herself a moment (really it was scarcely a second she assured herself) to feel the zing of warmth, and the comfort of his touch before she reacted.

     “Wha-Just who do you think you are?!” (and no, there was not a tremor in her voice thank you very much-)

       “L-let me go!” She thrashed and wiggled, trying to get down from his arms (and she was surprised that the force of her hand in his face as she tried to push herself free didn’t break his neck). Kayo struggled (and not just to get out of his arms, Kami what she would give to just let herself relax and be held by him-) because she cannot let him see, she would not give away how much his touch affected her.

        “Kayo-San” The Medicine Seller let his exasperation seep into her name as she finally got herself free.

           “No, don’t ‘‘Kayo-San’’ me” Kayo stated and pointed a finger for emphasis. Her attitude deflated as she saw a bolder about as tall as her waist, wedged in the middle of two trees’ that it crashed into. She realized that if he hadn’t picked her up and moved her out of the way, she would have been crushed. Kayo looked at him for a moment, speechless (a rarity in itself) and shocked that he had just saved her life. The Medicine Seller stared straight back at her, unblinking, unfazed, and (dare she say) uncaring that he had intervened (it was his hand erasing death from her fate time and time again) and saved-

      A distant rumble was heard and her attention shifted to the top of the hill they had just run down and the rocky avalanche that was tearing everything down in its path-(this time Kayo heard herself swear out loud and missed the way the Medicine Sellers eye’s seemed to sharpen and the jagged grin that stretched itself on his lips)

        “Interesting” He said still looking at the avalanche heading their way. The way he said it was so calm and dry that he might have been commenting on a certain cloud pattern. Kayo whipped her eyes back to him (deciding in her head that screeching ‘Interesting’ back at him would get her nowhere) and asked;

      “Now what?” To Kayo, it always sounded like she was saying this to him, (some part of her waited for the day where he didn’t know so she could prove that he was at least somewhat human, but then again, the world would probably implode-) He focused his eye’s on her and Kayo’s breath caught when she saw something harden and gleam-

     “Now” He rumbled “We run” and with that he extended his arms and waited for Kayo to move closer to him before scooping her up in his arms again.

          “Wait a minute! Do you even know where we are going?” She demanded, trying to regain some type of composer (and ignore the cherry red blush that was heating her cheeks, throat, and ears). He didn’t respond and she supposed he was too busy dodging flying debris as the avalanche drew closer. However his direction never changed, he charged right towards one of the many ledge’s on the mountain.

       “H-hold on! You’re headed toward a dead end” Kayo sputtered. (and somewhere inside her she had a sinking feeling, an inkling of what he was going to do and it made Kayo bunch her hands in his clothing)
The only answer she got was a single raised eyebrow and his usual look that made something inside of her want to protest and prove herself.

       “Sweet Kami” She heard herself saying in reply. The grin that he gave her was all teeth and it made her stomach clench.

   Kayo closed her eyes and tucked her head in under his chin. If she couldn’t bring herself to trust this person who had saved her life multiple times- (and her brain registered the exact moment when his legs coiled and he pushed-and then they were suspended in the air, hanging there for a precious moment, as rubble crashed straight down off the edge, and then they were falling, falling, falling-)

               In the end, when it all came down to it- If she couldn’t trust him, who could she?

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