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Mononoke fic/art-athon - fic/art post - CLOSED

FIC/ART POST CLOSED as of 4:55pm EDT! Click here for compiled links list for all fic/art.

Do not post any more fic to this post; no further links will be compiled. However, feel free to use any of the prompts from this list anytime you want!

This is the FIC/ART POST! You may post your fic or art in the comments of this post. Open for posting until Tuesday 08/12, 11:00am EDT uh let's make that 3:00pm EDT since as it turns out I won't be able to get to this in the morning...

ARTISTS: If you are posting art, please do not post a full sized picture directly into the comments! Either post a thumbnail or just a link to the picture. If your picture is NSFW, please just link to it, with the NSFW warning.

FICCERS: Please note that this 'thon is most specifically for short fic - i.e., fics that will fit into one comment box. However, I am not making any rules against longer fic should you wish to post them. (In fact, I think one of mine has already grown past the comment limitation, o-orz.) If your fic goes past the limit, you may simply use more than one comment. (If doing this, please reply to your first comment when posting the second one, to ensure your fic does not get broken up by someone else posting at the same time.)

ALL PARTICIPANTS: For the sake of clarity and organization, place the names of the characters or pairing, the rating, and the prompt you are responding to (or as much of it as will fit) in the subject line of your comment like this: Character(s)/Pairing; rating; prompt

Example: Medicine Seller/Otherself; NC-17; unsealed

If the prompt you took gave no rating, then please give an estimate of what you think your fic or picture should be rated for the sake of those who may be avoiding porn. For example, if you took MS/Kayo/OS; restraint, and you wrote a porn fic for it, then in the subject line of your comment type: MS/Kayo/OS; NC-17; restraint

If there are any questions regarding any of this, feel free to ask. Now, enough of this tl;dr, let's move on to the prompts! (And if I've missed any prompts or put any in the wrong places, do let me know!)


MS and Kayo (pairing or gen):

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller/Kayo
Rating: Gen to PG-13
Prompt: childhood meeting

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/Kayo
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Questionable behavior

Character(s)/Pairing: Kusuriuri x Kayo
Rating: PG-13 and above!
Prompt: Kayo realizes she has a crush on MS and decides she wants to be his apprentice. He's not too fond of the idea...

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/Kayo
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: MS somehow bringing her to orgasm without touching her

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/Kayo
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: ropework/shibari

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/Kayo
Prompt: voice fetishization [YOU KNOW WHOSE]

Character(s)/Pairing: MS and some future incarnation of Kayo (may be taken as pairing or gen)
Prompt: FOR SCIENCE!!!

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/Kayo
Prompt: shotgun religion

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/Kayo
Prompt: serious hurts. as in, the boy gets the ever-loving shit beaten out of him.

Character(s)/Pairing: Genderswitch MS/Kayo (MS/Kayo as a lesbian pairing)
Prompt: pale hands

Character(s)/Pairing: girl!MS/boy!Kayo
Prompt: "What are you looking at, boy?"

Character(s)/Pairing: MS and Chiyo (either as a pairing or gen)
Prompt: red threads of fate

MS and Otherself (pairing or gen):

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/Other self
Rating (optional): G
Prompt: duplicity

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/Other self
Rating (optional): G (or maybve PG-13 for nudity)
Prompt: the moment of transformation

Character(s)/Pairing: MS, obligatory OS
Rating: Rish
Prompt: "You are somewhat suspicious." A fight.

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/Otherself (in either order)
Rating: R or NC-17
Prompt: Hair-pulling and neck-biting

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller/Otherself
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: unsealed

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/other self (/Hyper/Kusuriuri's Eidolon/whatever you want to call him :D)
Prompt: Internal monologues/knowing that having an other self means you're never alone :3 Open for everything from crack to selfcest.

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/other self and or MS/gen any other pairing
Prompt: Our favourite apothecary in the modern world. :3 And the utter crack that ensues. :3

Character(s)/Pairing: Human Medicine Seller/Otherself
Prompt: before they were joined

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller/his other half
Rating: go wild with it
Prompt: biting, scratching, animal instincts

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller/his other half
Rating: go wild with it
Prompt: .... fangirls.

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/Otherself
Prompt: bondage (as in, otherself in bondage - can be porn or not, your call)

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/Otherself
Prompt: childhood

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller/Otherself
Rating: Your choice o;
Prompt: I always see you in my dreams

MS, Otherself, and Kayo or Otherself and Kayo (pairing/threesome or gen):

Character(s)/Pairing: OS/Kayo
Rating: R
Prompt: heat

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/Kayo/Otherself
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: reflection

Character(s)/Pairing: Otherself/MS/Kayo (in any order)
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: such sharp teeth, such sharp claws

Character(s)/Pairing: Kayo and Otherself/MS
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: voyeurism; seeing something she's not supposed to see

Character(s)/Pairing: MS~OS/Kayo
Rating: Dude, as high as you want.
Prompt: Body paint/inkbrushing on skin

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/Kayo/OS
Prompt: restraint

Character(s)/Pairing: Otherself/Kayo
Prompt: flying too close to the sun

Character(s)/Pairing: MS, OS, and optional Kayo
Prompt: grief

Medicine Seller:

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller
Prompt: exhaustion, or, Kusuriuri-san attempts to maintain that mysterious poise while close to passing out from blood loss. >:D

Character(s)/Pairing: MS
Prompt: shamisen

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller
Prompt: laughing at the world around him

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller
Prompt: failures

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller
Prompt: the loss of friendships

Character(s)/Pairing: MS
Prompt: finding a new traveling companion

Character: the medicine seller
Prompt: an emblem among emblems

MS and Mononoke:

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/mononoke
Rating (optional): R [or whatever XD]
Prompt: smoke and mirrors and more smoke

Character(s)/Pairing: Any mononoke.
Rating (optional): R
Prompt: it's not a game, girl.

Character(s)/Pairing: Mononoke/MS
Rating: R or NC-17
Prompt: A mononoke in some way sexually assaulting MS; MS allowing this but using it to his advantage

Character(s)/Pairing: MS and Yuki-onna
Prompt: white blanket; muffling silence

Character(s)/Pairing: MS and a mononoke
Prompt: A mononoke inhabiting a mirror

Character(s)/Pairing: MS and biwa-priest
Prompt: A biwa-priest as a mononoke

Character(s)/Pairing: MS and any non-Asian spirit/monster as a mononoke
Prompt: Just go with it! May be a monster from any source, fictional or classic folklore. (Medusa, Jersey Devil, troll... whatever!)

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller/Tengu
Prompt: a fierce display of wings

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller/Nurikabe
Prompt: bouncing into walls

Character(s)/Pairing: Cat
Prompt: swirl, or, I will love and love you if you can write a genuinely alien POV and make me believe it.

Character(s)/Pairing: OS/mononoke/MS [i-in that order]
Prompt: sensory deprivation

Character(s)/Pairing: MS vs. some kind of butterfly mononoke
Prompt: mirrored illusions

Character(s)/Pairing: MS vs. Baku
Prompt: devoured by a nightmare

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/an AI (a la William Gibson)
Prompt: ghost in the machine.(The AI might be a mononoke, but not necessarily)


Character(s)/Pairing: Kayo
Prompt: naming a pet after MS

Character(s)/Pairing: Kayo
Prompt: drinking until the past is forgotten

Character(s)/Pairing: Kayo
Prompt: that which seems like blood

Character(s)/Pairing: OS
Prompt: going wild, taming the wild beast

Character(s)/Pairing: Odajima and MS interaction
Prompt: "Stop laughing at me."

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller/Hyoue Sasaki
Rating: PG-13 and up
Prompt: kitten; scratches like a kitten

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller/Setsuko
Rating: PG-13 and up
Prompt: an ordinary miracle

Character: Genkei
Prompt: "the first is easy for many: accept the inferno and become such a part of it that you can no longer see it."

Character: Genyou-fricken-sai. 8|
Prompt: I don't even care. Genyousai needs love. Don't make me write dorky ass adventures of his failbot ascetic travels.


Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller/Ginshu (Amatsuki crossover)
Prompt: written in the stars

Character(s)/Pairing: MS/Aiba Masaki (Arashi)
Prompt: cosplaying, fanboy

Character(s)/Pairing: any, preferred MS/Other Self and Ryu/Fou-lu (Breath of Fire IV crossover)
Rating: Open
Prompt: Open - My personal groove with this would be at least some kind of interesting intereaction between our favourite selfcestable apothecary and our favourite selfcestable dragon-god :D, but you have permission to run friggin' wild.

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller/Ginko (Mushishi crossover)
Prompt: an exchange of wares

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller/Ginko (from Mushishi)
Rating: PG-13 or up
Prompt: Two different men with different views and different fiends, but a lot in common. Medicine Seller knows what happened to Ginko before he lost his memories. Why? I dunno, surprise me.

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller/Amaterasu (Okami crossover)
Prompt: brush strokes

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller/Jin [Samurai Champloo crossover]
Rating: Any
Prompt: different kinds of silence

Character(s)/Pairing: Medicine Seller/Haruka (xxxHolic)
Prompt: sharing a smoke
Tags: fanart, fanfiction, fic/art-athon
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