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Running 2/?

 Here is the second part! I got this one up a little early so if someone catches mistakes just PM and I'll fix it! I wont be able to update this for sometime because I'm going to Australia. So please be satisfied with this until I get back :)

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[Fanfiction] Running

Title: Running (1/?)
Author: Violet_Scarf
Summary: In which Kayo finds herself pulled into The Medicine Sellers world once again.
Pairing: Medicine Seller x Kayo

 Joined the community and finally got to post something that had been on my computer for awhile. *sigh* Tell me what you think!
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The Letter J
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Fanfic search

Hi, I need help finding a Mononoke/Harry Potter oneshot, that was about MS teaching a class at Hogwarts and I thought it was really cute. I remember distinctly reading the story on this community, but now I can't find it anywhere.  



Hello! I'm posting because I need help in finding a fic.

It was a very short  mushishi/monoke oneshot where the MS and ginko just sat and had a curious conversation while they looked at this giant mushi enveloping a mountain. I just can't find it anywhere!!

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Fanfiction: Inu-Gami pt. 2

Hi! So, if you were here at this community two long years ago, you might remember a very long fanfiction that died on its first part.

But it's alive again. Thanks to me and my dear friend procrastination.

Without further ado:

Fandom: Mononoke
Title: Inu-Gami pt. 2 what the christ
Word Count: 5,686
Rating: PG-13 for Nat's filthy mouth. This is where it gets slightly disturbing.
Spoilers: It's still better if you go in unprepared! No prior knowledge of Mononoke needed. Hotcha.
Summary: All Hallow's Day, Manhattan, 1997. A cabbie picks up a mysterious man who points out that she has a few mysteries of her own. Fun Mononoke related mayhem goes down. In this chapter, a bit of blood is spilled, the snark gets snarkier, dirty mouths get filthier, and after two years of IRL downtime, some questions are finally answered. And there was much rejoicing.

Part One

(illusionary/a cut that leads one astray/just click it okay?)