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deviantART Modern Day contest

Hey darlings,

So the deviantART Mononoke group is having a contest! I posted my entry for it here not too long ago [and I fail and never got back to it, but thank you so much to everyone's lovely and kind words]. As it turns out, the group's run into a bit of a problem because not enough people have entered. I wanted to drop in and encourage everyone to check it out!

The theme is the Medicine Seller in the modern day, which I know I go into fangasming fits over. The entries must be visual art, I think--accepted formats include cosplay, traditional/CG art, and probably anything else you can come up with. Each entry has to have a brief narrative accompaniment about what the Medicine Seller's new adventures are. There are first, second, and third place prizes.

Right now there isn't a newly set deadline, but all other information about the contest is HERE. Please please please check it out. I know this fandom is small, but it's full of such creative and awesome people. ♥
Donna Noble

In which I am a tea geek.

So, the same person (hcolleen) who hooked me on Mononoke has also hooked me on good tea. So, I've been playing around on the Adagio site's blend creator, coming up with tea blends inspired by all sorts of them.

So we came up with a Medicine Seller tea.

Most of the composition was hcolleen's idea.

(and in the unlikely event anyone decides they want some, I can hook you up with a $5 off coupon)

ETA: Bakeneko!

Kusuriuri x Kayo art & comics!

I love this pairing, but it can be hard to find any good fics of the two of them T_T;;
I did find some really nice fan art pages in Japanese though!
Here they are! :)

Some of the art & comics in these links are NSFW!

This artist is excellent! Just check out her comics! I love the front page image!
http://houoku.web.fc2.com/index/pict.html (the 3rd pic is adorable) Kayo is welcoming Kusuriuri home (they are married..in her pic anywayz)

A few more:

http://takio.mikosi.com/mononokeroom.html (last pic in illust = *drool*....it's quite pervy) :D~~~~~

http://genom.lomo.jp/top.html (lots of cute KxK comics and stuff)

http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/f-a/edesu2.htm (the 5th CG is awesome!!)

http://phw.tank.jp/zakki.cgi (Lots of KxK art & comics in this artist's blog, up to page 14)

http://foolfoolfool.bake-neko.net/framepage-illust.html  ( Has some sweet but sad comics & illust featuring the pair)

Kuri-san as a dolly!

For the heck of it ^.^ I was feeling like making something funky, and Kurisuriuri's kimono came to mind! So here he is in all his three inch tall-ness!

I wasn't sure what his hair is like from the back, my two printed reference pics had different hair lengths, if anybody could tell me, I'd greatly appreciate it :D
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What would your arc be?

Let's say that you want to write your very own arc for Mononoke. How many episodes would it have? What sort of spirit would the Medicine Seller be fighting? (This is especially interesting to me since I know nothing about Japanese spirits/demons and have a hard time finding any demons/spirits like the ones displayed in the anime.) What characters would he meet? If you really feel like you're inspired, you could go ahead and post a synopsis of the arc.

Personally, I'd be interested on how the Medicine Seller would be portrayed in that arc. He's actually shown differently in each arc. For example, in the Nue arc, he's particularly sadistic, although he has good reason. I'm quite enamored with that more vicious side, actually.

On a side note, I've got a wip of the Medicine Seller going, but...eh... I don't want to make my post ugly with it.