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Amazing! Electrifying! Horrifying! ALIVE!!!

Two ficbits I wrote a short while back for IJ's Porn Battle.

Prompt: Medicine Seller/Kayo, masturbation as a ritual
Words: 335
Warnings: explicit (het) sexual content

Collapse )


Prompt: Medicine Seller/otherself, Fangs
Words: 171
Warnings: Explicit (homosexual) content

Collapse )


Aaand some icons! (Fake cut leads to my journal)


( Kaiba x2; Mononoke (manga) x3; Amatsuki x3 )


And last but certainly not least, for your fascination and edification, I present to you... ODAJIMA-MAMA.

Don't open that door, Odajima-mama. Don't open that door.

(This is the extra page at the end of vol 1 of the Mononoke manga. Click for larger image.)

Kusuriuri x Kayo art & comics!

I love this pairing, but it can be hard to find any good fics of the two of them T_T;;
I did find some really nice fan art pages in Japanese though!
Here they are! :)

Some of the art & comics in these links are NSFW!

This artist is excellent! Just check out her comics! I love the front page image!
http://houoku.web.fc2.com/index/pict.html (the 3rd pic is adorable) Kayo is welcoming Kusuriuri home (they are married..in her pic anywayz)

A few more:

http://takio.mikosi.com/mononokeroom.html (last pic in illust = *drool*....it's quite pervy) :D~~~~~

http://genom.lomo.jp/top.html (lots of cute KxK comics and stuff)

http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/f-a/edesu2.htm (the 5th CG is awesome!!)

http://phw.tank.jp/zakki.cgi (Lots of KxK art & comics in this artist's blog, up to page 14)

http://foolfoolfool.bake-neko.net/framepage-illust.html  ( Has some sweet but sad comics & illust featuring the pair)

Bake Neko (Ayakashi) Manga adaptation.

One of my friends posted this link, and I thought you guys would appreciate it.


The entire first chapter (34 pages) is up. All you need to do is click the blue 'flash' button and it will pop up. (flash7+ needed, PC and Mac friendly/blahblahblah)

I just know the moment this hits volume form, I'm snatching it up.

Enjoy :3