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Contest correction!

My bad! Orginally I posted the due date was Friday April 5th....APRIL 5TH IS SATURDAY!! So since I havent gotten many submissions....extending it one day since I confused my dates XD SORRY!!

Again, theme is water! Submit here!
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Contest inquiry, feedback is love.

Hey guys!  Its my turn to host the monthly icontest but I was wondering since getting ppl to participate isnt always easy if a different kind of contest would spark some creativity.  Im thinking either in the fanart or fanfict department cuz the Mononoke fandom seriously has some of the best out there 8D So let's celebrate this!  This post is part poll since Id like to know which (if either) you guys would prefer for this month.  Fanart or fanfict contest. (Fanfict would be more drabble I think since some fanficts can get very very long, so maybe drabble is a better term). Edit: Changing to ficlet since I wasnt aware drabbles were under 100 words but keeping that name in poll, but more then likely it would be a fictlet, something less then 1000 words.  Sorry for any confusion.

Poll #1142745 Contest question

What contest would you prefer??

Either is fine
Please vote even if you dont leave a comment but any feedback on either would be very helpful.  Since we're near the end of February look for this to start up in March.

Happy voting!
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mod post.

Hello people,
with the recent spur of activity and the amount of new members (welcome!) in mind, I kindly ask you to read the following points.

- Rules/guidelines reminder.
//// Long/image-heavy posts or posts containing major spoilers should have a LJ-cut! ( Learn here how to... )
//// Do NOT flame/bash any character, pairing, fan, etc. I can accept a "I don't like character/pairing A, for reason B", but not "C should die/can go to hell, because D and E". Someone could get offended or whatever. Anyway, I don't want to see it here.
//// Downloads related to the series (episodes, music, etc) should be friends-locked.
//// Give your posts the appropriate tags. Need a new tag? Now is the time to ask for it.
//// Keep everything Mononoke related. :)

- I seek co-mod.

- I'm thinking of doing a layout and/or icon contest for the community. Would anybody be willing to participate? Or perhaps any other suggestions/ideas for the comm? o_o

That's all~