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Mononoke BluRay Release!

Mononoke was recently released on BluRay and to my great surprise, my roommate decided he needed it! When it came in, he was kind enough to let me take pictures of it! I apologize that some are a bit blurry and that they are photos, not scans. My scanner is unfortunately out of commission!

The series is on three BluRay discs and comes in a box and includes a booklet. As you can see by one of the covers, the Ayakashi Bakeneko arc is included with all the regular Mononoke arcs.
(If this picture is too big, please let me know and I'll put it under the cut as well!)

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HELLO, I am VERY surprised this hasn't been posted yet.


Price: 19,000 yen (tax excl.) 19,950 yen (tax incl.)
Releasedate: 2009/4/8
Runtime: 340 minutes / 15 episodes (Yes, Bake Neko is included)

There is a booklet of 100 pages and other stuff (anyone care to translate? edit: translation here, thanks wao!).


ps. sales of previous Mononoke releases have accumulated to 140,000 copies!
pps. mononoke_anime has 800 members!
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