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Kuchu Buranko news

Firstly I umsorryIfail epicly at running that forgotten oekaki contest sorry forgot to mention ;_;

In other news not too long ago I posted up the news of the Kuchu Buranko anime (pretty images look at it!), by the Mononoke staff. It will air on 15th of October in the noitaminA slot at 24:45. There will be 11 episodes.


Well, guess what, Sakurai Takahiro will also be making a comeback as one of Ichiro Irabu's patients!

For more seiyuu info (big names big names I mean itjustlookjustlook) I refer to this post at the kuchu_buranko community.
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Epi 1 preview and cast update

Got this off animesuki but the link give good info on epi 1 and who the cast will be. Obviously Sakurai Takahiro will be our fav medicine seller and other cast includes Namikawa Daisuke, Sakaguchi Daisuke, Seki Tomokazu all who I love!!

More info here

Gah I cant wait!! Mods, we may need an Info and seiyuu tag added :D

Some info X posted to yamikakyuu