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Mononke Photoshop tutorial and talk with the artist

Hello guys. I bet your all waiting for the second season of mononoke arent you?
Well i cant really make that come any sooner, however i can tell you ive talked with the artist of mononoke and she's the sweetest japanese lady you'll ever meet. I had stumbled onto her blog or japanese webpage by pure accident. And without knowing it was hers i wrote and email to the website's creator, commenting that i really enjoyed mononoke.
Well it turned out to be the artist herself. And we started talking (her english is terrible) and it inspired me to make a photoshop tutorial using the medicine seller as an example.
Im an illustration major at the CCA college, so i had wanted to make some tutorials for other aspiring artists for a long time and finally started haha.

anyway i hope you enjoy my tutorial. I also have a harcopy PDF format for you to take if you want. And also feel free to steal the Medicine seller graphic if you like haha.

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